Come join us on Pinterest!

Come join us on Pinterest!

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We are so excited to be well over 2,000! It has been a slow and steady climb. We appreciate everyone who has joined us. If you are not following us on Pinterest, come join the fun:


Pin of the Week: Fixing an off-center window

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For this Pin of the Week, I want to show you this brilliant solution to the asymmetrical window. Hanging window treatments to hide the true location of the window really works well. This is an excellent example of how “pretty costs the same as ugly”. It costs the same to hang the curtains in the correct location as it does to hang them wrong and make the problem worse. #windowtreatments, #decoratingadvice

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Tuesday Tips: Doilies

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tuesday tips

Don’t use lacy doilies and tablecloths unless you are a grandmother.

Concentrate on the Mantel

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mantel   Fireplace mantels are the architectural centerpiece of the room. Listed here are four common mantel designing errors and ways to repair them. 1. Too expected. It is actually typical to see a mirror on top of the fireplace; however, this is not very motivational since it does not indicate something pretty – normally, just the ceiling. Additionally, it is not unusual to see family pictures. Despite the fact that family is essential, it could be way too much of a great thing. Consider adding a number of things which includes a small family picture, a moderate size flower vase along with a big vintage map. 2. Too small Many people place objects which are not big enough on the mantel or over the fireplace. You don't want a collection of small items on this type of well-known center point within the room. Instead of hanging a huge piece of art, try resting it on the ledge of the mantle. Consider using a large-sized floor vase positioned on the side of the piece of art instead of the typical flower vase size. 3. Too symmetrical It turned out usual to place a painting or mirror across the fireplace using a set of candles or vases on both sides. This symmetry makes the room feel totally formal. Today's mantel trends will be more informal and relaxed just like the other house. Try putting a painting off center with smaller pictures to the side. Also, try placing products in teams of three or five. 4. Too simple Don't just put a single picture for the mantel. This focal area should possess a more technical look. Try layering and overlapping the items. Be sure to have two and three dimensional objects. Vary sizes and shapes but have a unifying color for your composition. Make sure that you do not cross the clutter line and yet keep the mantel interesting.

Tuesday Tips: About Those Scatter Rugs

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tuesday tips      

Small scatter rugs chop up the flow of the floor. Don’t use them.

Granite Decisions are Hard

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 I have been working on several different kitchen remodels this summer. Deciding on the counter material is always the hardest. It is one of , if not the, biggest expense.
A recent shopping trip to a granite yard helped my client see all the different options. You think it might be the best to see the large slabs outside but be sure to take a chunk inside to see what interior lighting does to the colors. Hold the sample against the cabinet you want. Hold the sample next to appliances that are the colors of yours. All these small checks can make sure you like your new counter with all your other choices.
If I can help you with your kitchen remodel, don't hesitate to contact me.

Tuesday Tips: Have a Plan

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  tuesday tips

Do you have a plan? Decorating with a plan will save you money and time. I can help.

Decorating Question From My Mailbox.

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Here is a question I recently received:

Is the hardwood floor supposed to match your kitchen cabinets ?

My answer:

I usually don’t care for hardwood in the kitchen. Kitchen floors get really dirty. Being able to use a really wet soapy mop and strong cleaners are often necessary. Hardwood floors usually can’t take that. The wood warps and discolors. I prefer ceramic tile. If you do really want hardwood floors in your kitchen I would go with contrasting, not matching.

Here are some photos:

Don’t you think contrasting looks better? I think it is more interesting to look at.



If you have a question, sent it in! I would love to hear from you.

Perfect Color Palette For Staging Your Home

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One of the quickest and best ways to update your home and stage it to sell is with paint. Nothing can transform a room as quickly as color, but be sure when you are staging your home to stick to neutrals, so you appeal to the widest range of buyers possible.

But neutral doesn’t have to mean boring! Neutrals include earth tones like warm chocolate, or cooler colors like modern gray. Blues are particularly appealing in a bedroom or bath. And even a pop of red or orange can really make a room shine.

But if choosing a color palette still has you a little baffled, contact me at and we can arrange a personal color palette consultation to find the perfect palette for your home!


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Here is our office mascot Rudy the cat: sink meme 3

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