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Small Bedrooms with a Big Impact

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make bedroom feel bigger There are times that people have to squeeze their bedroom into a small space. They don’t want to because they don’t think all their things will fit. There are other times they have to use a space smaller than they want as their spare bedroom. They don’t want their guests to feel cramped or unwanted. While it’s true that small bedrooms aren’t ideal, there are some wonderful ways to add a bit of pizzazz and beauty to the room. There are many reasons people have small bedrooms. In some homes, there is a small room that doesn’t have any use aside from as a spare bedroom. Other homes are built small and don’t allow owners to enjoy a huge room that has become the norm. While the reasons are different, the result is the same, a small bedroom that has to be tastefully decorated. Big Taste in Small Rooms When people have the task of decorating a small bedroom, they can’t use traditional furniture in the way it was designed to. They have to think outside the box. 1. Decorative Mirrors- The use of decorative mirrors is a wonderful way to light the room up and create a bit of depth. By hanging a beautifully crafted set of mirrors decorators are creating the illusion of additional light with more “mirrors.” The room will seem bigger and deeper. The mirrors picked should be visually appealing to mask the real purpose. 2. Hidden Storage- One of the biggest reasons people are afraid to have a small guest bedroom is because they don’t know what to do about storage. They don’t see a space for a chest of drawers or a bureau so they don’t always see storage potential. For those that have a high bed in the room, a few baskets would be perfect to slide under the bed for hidden storage. Homeowners that want to surprise a few people can actually cut a space in a wall and insert a dresser or chest into the space. With only the drawers visible, guests will think they are storing their things in a wall. 3. Colors Matter- When space is limited, it’s important to limit the number of colors used to decorate the room. The colors should have a common theme and be used throughout the room. When colors are used like this, it creates a light and roomy feeling. 4. Think Up- Real estate in a small room is very valuable. Instead of allowing the walls to go blank, use them. Many people have found that floating book shelves are perfect for decorating and giving people a place to put their things. When decorating a small room, people should remember that it’s not the size of the space that will make anyone complain. It’s the decorations that bring attention to a small space that will bring the complaints. Great décor will make any room look beautiful and inviting. For those that want help decorating a small room, call Julie at The Home Stylist!  

Before and After: LIving Room – Staging to Sell

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pic 1   This living room is a great example of "how we live" and "how we stage" are different. The Before Photo looks like a normal house with young children. The After Photo is how it went on the market. They got it sold in one week! The best part is now they can go back to living their normal lives. It is a huge help that the difficult task of keeping a young family's home show ready only lasted a week. They could not have been happier!

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We will always remember

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We will always remember.   USA_printables_flag

Home Staging Buffalo : Get professional staging plan.

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staging     If your house has been on the market all summer and you don't have a SOLD sign, you NEED me! A personalized detailed plan will get your house ready to be competitive. Selling a house is a competition. The best house within the appropriate selling point WINS! Call me for an appointment (716) 912-1581.    

Tuesday Tips: The Bigger the Better

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tuesday tips

Size does matter when it comes to art. Do you have a large focal- point- worthy painting in your home?

Friday Feedback

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tuesday feedback photo (2)  

Thank you for submitting your beautiful living room.
It will not take much to bring this room from good to great!
My professional recommendations are
1. You need on fabulous large picture above the mantel. Don't be afraid to chose a picture that has color. A vintage block print would even work here. The pottery on the mantle looks great. It can stay when the new picture gets there.
2. The rug you have in here is the correct style it is just too small. You will need a rug that is at least 10 X 12.  It will make the room feel more cozy too.
3. I like where your TV is located but the bottom shelf where the stereo (?) is would look crisper if it had door that could close. I know that second shelf (cable box/DVD?) most likely need to remain open for it to work.
Hello Readers,
How can I help you? I would love for you to submit a room for Feedback Fridays. Simply snap a few pictures of the room and send them in. It is easy. Don't worry I would disclose your name or city.

Tuesday Tips: The Inside Scoop

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tuesday tips

Ever thought about going into interior redesign or home staging? Schedule an appointment and I’ll tell you what it is really like.

Interior Decorator Buffalo: Need some inspiration on what to hang on those bare walls?

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Here are some great ideas for personalizing your decorating style. What can you add to the list?1

Pin of the week – Interior Decorator idea on Keeping pictures straight

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I love Pinterest for inspiration but finding cool handy tricks is awesome too. Check out this Pin regarding keeping the pictures straight.

DIY decorating plans, Buffalo: You need a decorating direction?

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We love our e-book and we know you will too. Getting the right foundation for building your decorating style is the key. Curious?
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