My best Go-to Paint Colors for Home Staging

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pinterest-8-9   If I had to pick only nine Benjamin Moore paint colors to ever use in staging a house, these would be my nine. The first six are sophisticated neutrals that work best in bathrooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms. They all look good with cloud white trim. Powell Buff                         HC 35 Monroe Bisque                 HC 26 Shaker Beige                      HC 45 Bleaker Beige                    HC 80 Manchester Tan               HC 81 Revere Pewter                 HC 172 Chantilly Lace                     OC 65 Cloud White                       967 Navajo White                    OC 95 White Trim Colors make up my remaining color choices. Chantilly Lace, a true white, goes best with Bleaker Beige, Manchester Tan, and Revere Pewter. Cloud White, a color in-between white and ivory, looks good with the sophisticated neutrals I mentioned and is used 85% of the time. Navajo White, a creamy/ivory white, goes best with Powell Buff, Monroe Bisque, and Shaker Beige.

Tuesday Tips: The Inside Scoop

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tuesday tips

Ever thought about going into interior redesign or home staging? Schedule an appointment and I’ll tell you what it is really like.

Interior Decorator Buffalo: Need some inspiration on what to hang on those bare walls?

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Here are some great ideas for personalizing your decorating style. What can you add to the list?1

Pin of the week – Interior Decorator idea on Keeping pictures straight

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I love Pinterest for inspiration but finding cool handy tricks is awesome too. Check out this Pin regarding keeping the pictures straight.

DIY decorating plans, Buffalo: You need a decorating direction?

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We love our e-book and we know you will too. Getting the right foundation for building your decorating style is the key. Curious?
Learn more 

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Curb Appeal Transformation

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pic 3     People form impressions very quickly. Make your home inviting and welcoming. This simple change was removing overgrown trees and shaping the bushes. We removed the dated storm door and applied a fresh coat of paint. Huge difference! Don't you agree?!  

Come join us on Pinterest!

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We are so excited to be well over 2,000! It has been a slow and steady climb. We appreciate everyone who has joined us. If you are not following us on Pinterest, come join the fun:


Pin of the Week: Fixing an off-center window

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For this Pin of the Week, I want to show you this brilliant solution to the asymmetrical window. Hanging window treatments to hide the true location of the window really works well. This is an excellent example of how “pretty costs the same as ugly”. It costs the same to hang the curtains in the correct location as it does to hang them wrong and make the problem worse. #windowtreatments, #decoratingadvice

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Tuesday Tips: Doilies

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tuesday tips

Don’t use lacy doilies and tablecloths unless you are a grandmother.

Concentrate on the Mantel

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mantel   Fireplace mantels are the architectural centerpiece of the room. Listed here are four common mantel designing errors and ways to repair them. 1. Too expected. It is actually typical to see a mirror on top of the fireplace; however, this is not very motivational since it does not indicate something pretty – normally, just the ceiling. Additionally, it is not unusual to see family pictures. Despite the fact that family is essential, it could be way too much of a great thing. Consider adding a number of things which includes a small family picture, a moderate size flower vase along with a big vintage map. 2. Too small Many people place objects which are not big enough on the mantel or over the fireplace. You don't want a collection of small items on this type of well-known center point within the room. Instead of hanging a huge piece of art, try resting it on the ledge of the mantle. Consider using a large-sized floor vase positioned on the side of the piece of art instead of the typical flower vase size. 3. Too symmetrical It turned out usual to place a painting or mirror across the fireplace using a set of candles or vases on both sides. This symmetry makes the room feel totally formal. Today's mantel trends will be more informal and relaxed just like the other house. Try putting a painting off center with smaller pictures to the side. Also, try placing products in teams of three or five. 4. Too simple Don't just put a single picture for the mantel. This focal area should possess a more technical look. Try layering and overlapping the items. Be sure to have two and three dimensional objects. Vary sizes and shapes but have a unifying color for your composition. Make sure that you do not cross the clutter line and yet keep the mantel interesting.

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