How to Decorate Small Spaces with Big Impact

How to Decorate Small Spaces with Big Impact

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General Uncategorized smallspacesbigimpact When it’s time to decorate small spaces, most people are afraid. They don’t know what to do with these spaces because they don’t think they are functional. Some don’t think people will notice the space anyway so they don’t think it’s smart to decorate little hidden nooks and crannies. These little places don’t have to be used as storage to be useful. With a purpose and the right décor, small places can have a big impact. The Purpose Defines the Décor When decorating small spaces, people tend to forget to create a function for the space first. Every room and nook in a home should have a purpose. Kitchens are traditionally used to cook and store food. Living rooms are used to entertain and give homeowners and their families a place to be. Bedrooms are created for sleeping and privacy. Small spaces need a purpose too. Many small spaces are used for:
  • Reading nooks
  • Herbal gardens
  • Meditation spaces
  • Trophy spaces
It doesn’t matter the purpose, the small space just has to have one. Once the purpose of the small space has been defined, it’s time to imagine what it should look like. Everyone has a vision of their perfect small space and visualizing it will bring it into focus. Does it have light or dark walls? Does it need storage space? Is there room for sitting? All these things need to be answered in order to make this space functional. Small Space Necessities Some small spaces are created coincidentally. These spaces weren’t intentionally designed into a home’s floor plan but they are left behind. For these reasons, small spaces don’t always have the same functional inserts normal sized rooms have. When a small space has a function, the most basic needs have to be thought of and addressed. Lighting- Where is the lighting for the small space going to come from? Many small spaces don’t have a traditional lighting source. It’s time to decide if the space will be lit by lamps or will a traditional light be installed. Those that want to make a statement in these areas often use their lighting as a way to do it. To maximize light and make a statement, hang mirrors strategically. The mirrors will reflect the light from the source and create a lighter, brighter environment. Color- Just as traditionally purposed rooms have a particular color to enhance the room, small spaces need the same. If the room is supposed to have a light purpose, choose a complimentary color. For those that want to use the space as a reading nook, paint the room a light color. A light color will maximize the light and create an airy feel. After addressing the lighting needs and the color of the space, all that’s left are the details of the furniture. The furniture should match the purpose of the room. If the room is to be used as a sitting area, there needs to be at least 2 chairs to sit in. If it’s to be used as a meditation corner, the furniture should be perfect for meditation. Dressing a small room can be tricky but with a purpose, it can be done beautifully. The experts at Style in a Snap are available. Reach out via email, Skype or phone for help deciding the purpose, placement and décor. The post How to Decorate Small Spaces with Big Impact appeared first on E-Decorating and Staging advice from your photos: Style in a Snap. Vía E-Decorating and Staging advice from your photos: Style in a Snap » Blog

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