Project Pic: Open Space While Staging Your Home To Sell

Project Pic: Open Space While Staging Your Home To Sell

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Home Staging
  open space One of the secrets to making your home look bigger while staging your home to sell, is freeing up open space! Get rid of clutter and as many personal items as you possibly can before showing your home! In this case study above, a client's living room was full of clutter: throw pillows, books, knick knacks, even the furniture placement didn't optimize the room. You must pay attention to architectural focal points! Place them in the spotlight! In this room's case, the fireplace and windows are beautiful. The windows were covered by curtains, and a chair was postitioned right in front of the fireplace, hiding it. Once the curtains came down, leaving the valances, the room opened up in the light. We also trimmed down some of the personal items, placed things out in a more symmetrical manner, and removed clutter from the bottom shelf of the coffee table. None of these changes cost a penny, and it didn't take much time either! Remember, there are always quick and cheap staging secrets! Call me or email to set an appointment today! 

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