7 Affordable Ways to Transform Your Home into Elegance

7 Affordable Ways to Transform Your Home into Elegance

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7 elegance decorating ideas

It can be quite difficult to have an upscale home, especially if you are on a low decorating budget. Fortunately, for most homeowners on a budget, there are ways to have the home of your dreams. You could add oversized pillows to a room. You could put in hardwood floors. You could add a fresh coat of paint. You could change your window treatments. Below are 7 affordable ways to transform your home into elegance. You could possibly fool your family and guests when they come over.

Crown Molding

Crown molding can give a room that finished look where the wall and ceiling come together. If your home doesn’t have this finished touch, it tends to have a cheap look. It is not expensive to have this done, especially if the crown molding is plastic. There are several options as it relates to width, but to have an impact, be sure to select the widest one you can afford. You can also add variety in each room. In one room, you could add a ceiling beam and in another, you could add ceiling medallions.

Hardwood Floors

So many homeowners make the mistake of putting in wall-to-wall carpeting throughout their house. While this is OK for some, it just doesn’t have that elegant appeal like a polished hardwood floor does. Of all the changes, hardwood can be the biggest investment, but it will be worth it for years to come. It will add value to your home if you decide to sell. If you cannot afford hardwood, then laminate is the next best choice. Or you could opt for oak, since it is less expensive. When your hardwood floor is done, add area rugs to tie into the room’s design.

Enlarge the Rooms

When you have a large area rug, it makes the room feel as if it is bigger. If you cannot afford a large rug, tape some small area rugs together – into a gigantic rug. After you have created your gigantic rug, put up some wall mirrors behind your sofa to make the room even bigger.

The Color of the Paint

The paint color is also another important aspect of making your home appear elegant. For instant elegance, choose a bold or soft color. Paint the interior doors in black for that expensive feeling. However, to match the design, don’t forget to enhance the room with black accessories.

Window Treatment

If your home has no window treatment, it will look like an unfinished home. These are friendly on any budget and add elegance and privacy to the home. Never use flimsy material that looks cheap. Use linen, cotton or silk fabric or lined drapery. Bamboo shades are also a creative choice.

Overstuffed Pillows

For a luxurious appearance to any room in your home, go for overstuffed pillows that are down-filled with pillow inserts. Choose one that is 22 inches and not the standard 12 inches.

The Right Lighting

To add elegance to your home, take out the standard light fixtures or chandeliers and put in designer ones. To work within your budget and find something elegant, but inexpensive, you might want to attend flea markets or go to antique stores. Include a table lamp or floor lamp in various rooms throughout the house to add ambience.

Professional Help

If you want help to improve the look of your home on a lower budget, the best thing to do is to hire a professional. Contact the expert home stylist, Julie Dana at Style in a Snap to discuss your goals for turning your existing home into an upscale version.

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