7 Foolproof Tips for Staging Your Home

7 Foolproof Tips for Staging Your Home

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7 foolproof tips for staging your home

7 Foolproof Tips for Staging Your Home

If you don’t know anything about home staging, it is professionally application of different techniques to play up the strength of your home. This process helps when you are getting ready to sell your home and improve your home’s interior for an open house. Home staging draws attention to details  in your home, making it more appealing to buyers. Here are 7 foolproof tips for staging your home – without the need for a huge budget.

1.The Door Speaks Volumes

You do want to make a first impression, don’t you? What better way to do so than at the door as buyers enter. So the first tip is obvious – paint your front door in a glossy colored paint, making it fun. You can opt for red, which is a welcoming color. Orange and yellow are also both warm colors. If you have an outdated screen door, be sure to either replace it or get rid of it. If you are going to replace it, choose a full glass storm door.

2.Neutral Colors

Flow is very important in home staging, sticking to the same color throughout the house. For more flexibility in decorating, neutral walls provide the best results, allowing you to effortlessly shift up your accessories. If there happens to be two small rooms right next to each other, be sure to paint them in similar colors (neutral is best). It will make the room look a little larger.

3.Arrange Your Furniture

Have you ever seen how furniture is arranged in a hotel lobby? Don’t you wish your home could be just like that? Well, it can with the help of a professional home stager who will arrange the furniture in groups to facilitate conversation as if guests were seated in them. It invites intimacy and balance. The furniture is likely to be placed in a U-shape. This means that the sofa and two chairs could be facing each other and a end table placed at each end. If the H-shaped model is used, the sofa would be placed right across from the chairs and the coffee table put in the middle. Never have the furniture pushed up against the walls. This is a huge mistake that people make.

4.Take Down the Ugly Drapes

Why do people love to hang those heavy drapes to hide the light? Ugly drapes are a no-no. The window should be left as bare as possible so light can come in. If you are going to use window dressing, make sure it is functional and formal. Use sheer window dressing paired with long panels. If the room in question is in the direction of the sun, choose lighter colors. The suggested fabrics for window dressings are linen, silk or cotton. They are inclined to hang better.

5.Fill Your Home with Mirrors

Yes, fill your home with mirrors because they allow the space to feel and look brighter, bouncing light throughout each room. However, be careful not to place one in the wrong position or it can be just as bad. So, try to place your mirrors on the walls vertical to the windows and not opposite to them. Mirrors also help buyers see themselves in this home.

6.Play with the Lighting

Each room should have different kinds of lighting. For home staging, it is best to have ambient lighting for illumination. Accent lighting will highlight and decorate the room, especially a room with artwork. You could also place a torchiere in one corner of the room. It will reflect a glow toward the ceiling to make the room appear bigger.

7.Get Professional Help

Okay, so you are selling a home that you have lived in for a long time. You know that there is much to do with making sure that buyers are impressed. Getting a fresh pair of eyes from a professional can save you time and money. What are you waiting for then? Call an experienced and professional home stager (me!) today to get your home sold quicker.

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