Pin of the Week: Fixing an off-center window

Pin of the Week: Fixing an off-center window

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For this Pin of the Week, I want to show you this brilliant solution to the asymmetrical window. Hanging window treatments to hide the true location of the window really works well.
This is an excellent example of how "pretty costs the same as ugly". It costs the same to hang the curtains in the correct location as it does to hang them wrong and make the problem worse.
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Tuesday Tip: Make your yard look bigger

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 Today's Quick Tip:


Tips for Creating a Stylish Bookcase

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Styling a bookcase is easy if you keep my advice for all home staging project: Get a plan and make it work! Instead of allowing clutter to accumulate on your shelves, make your bookcases an expression of your home’s style with these simple tips –

  •  Bookcases aren’t just for books! They are the perfect place to display your favorite collections, whether it’s art, teapots or whatever.
  •  Mixing books in with other pieces adds interest to a display. Trying displaying books lined up traditionally or stacked horizontally for even more visual interest.
  •  Avoid making things too symmetrical, mix it up with objects in different heights.
  •  Style by theme: group items by color or function for the best organization.

Project Pic: Open Space While Staging Your Home To Sell

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  open space One of the secrets to making your home look bigger while staging your home to sell, is freeing up open space! Get rid of clutter and as many personal items as you possibly can before showing your home! In this case study above, a client's living room was full of clutter: throw pillows, books, knick knacks, even the furniture placement didn't optimize the room. You must pay attention to architectural focal points! Place them in the spotlight! In this room's case, the fireplace and windows are beautiful. The windows were covered by curtains, and a chair was postitioned right in front of the fireplace, hiding it. Once the curtains came down, leaving the valances, the room opened up in the light. We also trimmed down some of the personal items, placed things out in a more symmetrical manner, and removed clutter from the bottom shelf of the coffee table. None of these changes cost a penny, and it didn't take much time either! Remember, there are always quick and cheap staging secrets! Call me or email to set an appointment today! 

Project Pic: Staging A Kid’s /Tween’s /Teen’s Room To Sell

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I think it’s in a young person's nature to have a messy, cluttered room. When it comes to selling your home, this can be problematic, and it's where staging a kid's room to sell comes into play. Potential buyers don't want to see personal effects strewn about or dirty laundry on the floor--this much is obvious. Yet, something that you might not consider, is that they also don't want to see centerfolds of the latest "it" guy or girl in the teen world, wall decals, or extra decor motif that can be taken down while showing the home.This client's daughter had a typical room for a young girl, but we needed to make it a little more generic and organized before buyers came in. I recommended that the client take down all of the posters and also remove the wall decals. Even something as simple as taking a CD player off of the floor and setting it on the dresser made a huge difference. We diminished some of the clutter, and removed the curtains, which broke the room up (even though they were sheers, they kept some of the light out and hid the window). Adding natural light to a room almost always makes it appear larger than it is.The basics with a staging a kid’s room, are to make sure there is no clutter, the bed is made, the windows are not obscured, and that anything “extra” décor-wise isn’t left out. If it can be taken down temporarily, please do so. 

Ways to Turn Off a Potential Buyer

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seems-ligit-haunted-house-W630.jpg (630×768) (Source: of my Project Pic blog posts have to do with Home Staging, and the one point I am always sure to reiterate is that neutrals are very important. You need to wipe the slate of your house clean for potential buyers to picture your home as theirs and fall in love. Today, I am going to divulge a few more of the secrets that I share with my clients!

  • Not On Trend: This is huge. If the decor of the house is not consistent with the expectations of your demographic, you will not close any deals. (i.e. wood paneling, very outdated wall paper, bold paint, outdated flooring, etc.). If you want to make money, sometimes you need to spend a little money. It doesn't have to necessarily be an expensive endeavor. If you are really stuck, contact me!
  • Opinionated Decor: Defintely remove any political and religious items in your home, as much as possible. Not only may they not appeal to a potential buyer, it could go even so far as to offend them, immediately shutting down any chance of a sale.
  • Trash: No one wants to see it. I'm guessing you don't even like to leave it around while living in a house. Buyers won't want to see it, either. Put a lid on your trashcan, and if it is an inside trashcan, try to store it in a cupboard. If outside, put it behind the garage, or somewhere that is out of plain sight.
  • Maintenance: During the winter months, make sure the driveway and walkways are plowed and shoveled. Do not leave any holiday decorations out. In warmer weather, make sure that the landscaping is tended to. You want your garden to appear "taken care of", and for your lawn to be mowed. Buyers will not pay top dollar for a house that comes with a "To-Do'" list.
If you want to hear the rest of my tips, or  have any questions or staging concerns, call and set an appointment!

Undecking the Halls In Style: Post-Holiday Organization Tips

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Holiday Decoration Organization


As much as I love decorating for the holidays, I also look forward to taking the decorations down, organizing, and doing a general post-holiday house cleansing. Here are some of my Post-Holiday Organization Tips for easy and efficient storage!

  • Buy bins with cardboard partitions. Use pieces of cardboard to wrap beads and ribbons around, so that they don't become tangled and knotted in storage.
  • Buy bins that come with plastic spools to coil your lights around (or try to find the spools alone, if you already have bins. I highly recommend investing in plastic storage bins, even if you only want to buy one a year, until you have enough. Cardboard boxes will not protect priceless ornaments if your basement floods).
  • Color code your bins by holiday, or use clear bins so that you can easily find what you are looking for.
  • Organize each bin with a specific type of item: ornaments, wrapping supplies, breakables, greenery, fabric items (tree skirt, stockings, cloth wreaths), and lights. Label, label, label!
  • Store your tree in a large plastic bin (you can probably score one at a reasonable price after Christmas). Place the pieces in the bin, in the order in which you will take them out of the bin and assemble the tree. This will save you from having to dump it all out and organize it by section before assembling, next year.
  • As you are taking decorations down and preparing to store them, sort them as well. Toss anything that is broken, and donate anything you no longer want. Next year, it will be refreshing to open tidy, and up-to-date bins of decorations!

If you have any home staging or interior decorating questions, or topics you would like to read about here, come on over to our Facebook page and say hi! I love your feedback! Make sure you are a follower, so that you have access to free tips, and event information!