Best Paint colors for preparing house for sale

The best paint colors for Home Staging.

There are several great paint colors to use for home staging. If I had to pick only nine Benjamin Moore paint colors to ever use in staging a house, these would be my nine. The first six are sophisticated neutrals that work best in bathrooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms. They all look good with cloud white trim.

Powell Buff          HC 35

Monroe Bisque HC 26

Shaker Beige HC 45

Bleaker Beige HC 80

Manchester Tan  HC 81

Revere Pewter HC 172

White Trim Colors make up my remaining color choices for paint colors. Chantilly Lace, a true white, goes best with Bleaker Beige, Manchester Tan, and Revere Pewter. Cloud White, a color in-between white and ivory, looks good with the sophisticated neutrals I mentioned and is used 85% of the time. Navajo White, a creamy/ivory white, goes best with Powell Buff, Monroe Bisque, and Shaker Beige.

Chantilly Lace OC 65

Cloud White       967

Navajo White OC 95

The neutral colors appeal to the widest range of buyers. The more buyers you target, the more people will want your home. Use home staging paint colors for a quicker sale.