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Decluttering is transformative to a room



Do you wanted to freshen the look of a room? Do you want to feel peaceful? The easiest and most cost effective is to decluttered the room…and I mean really remove clutter. Take this kitchen for example.

Removing items from the top of the cabinets, on the counters and refrigerator made all the difference.

Take a look at your kitchen. Could it use a little less “stuff”?

The key to a starting a decorating plan is bring it all the way back to bare and start over. A clean slate helps to clear the mind and your creativity can come roaring back!


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Home Staging Buffalo – Before and After: Living Room Transformation

pic 6   Home staging Buffalo and decorating services for the Buffalo, NY area focusing on staging advice and interior decorating consultations. This bland living room went from drab to FAB! How can I help you transform your home? Specializing in Do-it-yourself plans for interior decorating and home staging. The MOST cost-effective way to get professional assistance.   Call as at (716) 912-1581 today for an appointment.

Before and After: Teen bedroom- Home staging

pic 5     I know you may think it is common sense to have a teen keep their bedroom clean and tidy while the house is on the market but you just would not believe the bedrooms I have seen! ALL bedrooms matter when the house it on the market. People can't see beyond all the mess to appreciate the size of the room. Please have your teen take off all the posters and stickers, put away their clothes, and make their bed. I encourage all my home staging clients to strive for secondary bedrooms to be  age neutral and gender neutral.  

Pin of the Week: Fixing an off-center window

For this Pin of the Week, I want to show you this brilliant solution to the asymmetrical window. Hanging window treatments to hide the true location of the window really works well. This is an excellent example of how “pretty costs the same as ugly”. It costs the same to hang the curtains in the correct location as it does to hang them wrong and make the problem worse. #windowtreatments, #decoratingadvice

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The Home Stylist Before and After: Staging the Dining Room While Staging Your Home to Sell

The dining room tends to be a catchall room in most houses, a table for bills, crafts, and homework. This is understandable...unless you are staging your home to sell. In which case, you need to focus on staging your dining room so that it can shine, as opposed to merely storing clutter. I recommended that this client remove the folding card table as well as the box and storage items. We swapped the light fixture out for a chandelier and added a dining set with place settings and a centerpiece. My client had the right idea with having a plant in the room (just make sure that it is well-maintained), but we opted for someting different on a plant stand in the corner. The original plant demanded too much attention. We wanted potential buyers to notice the beautiful windows in this room instead. Always accentuate the architectural strengths in a space. Finally, I added an area rug (to tie in the wall and curtain colors) and opened the blinds. This is a big want to have as much natural light in a room as possible when showing your house to buyers. It always makes the room appear larger than it is.        

The Home Stylist: Before and After- The Benefits of Decluttering

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Decluttering a space makes a huge difference. It can give a room the illusion of more space and square footage, and also makes a room look newer. For this staging client, I recommended that personal items on the counters and fridge be removed. We also upgraded the counter to match the flooring. The blue countertop and the blue walls were just too much all together. This change added some depth to the room! We also removed the items on top of the cupboards, giving the edges a cleaner and sharper look.

Once you declutter, it allows a potential buyer to picture themselves in your home, gives the appearance of a bigger area, and makes the room seem newer. You can't go wrong!

The Home Stylist: Throwback Thursday- Updating Wood Paneling

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Maybe you are a renter "stuck" with paneling, or you bought a house that has it and you don't want to go through the hassle of ripping it down and repairing the dry wall (or whatever else might be hiding underneath!).

Updating wood paneling with paint gives it a more updated look, and also brings more light into the room. Wood paneling can make a room feel like a cave. There are other options, like "gluing" fabric with a paste that you can make yourself and then just wash off of the paneling when you decide to take the cloth down.

If you don't want to paint or "paper" your paneling, simply bringing lighter or warmer colors into the color scheme works wonders. One client rented an apartment that was mostly wood paneling. So we ordered new furniture (a warm, red sectional) along with a large, white, modern lamp (she was very into contemporary style) as well as white roman shades for her windows. These two colors--the deep red and bright white added a homey feel to her dark walls while also brightening the apartment.

The Home Stylist: Pin of the Week- Home Staging Tips For a Kid’s Room

It can be hard to stage a home when you have small children. As fast as you clean, they manage to pull more toys out! Since the number one key to home staging is clutter control (and keeping personal items to a minimum) this week's Pin of the Week Tip manages to kill two birds with one stone.

You can buy a bean bag cover anywhere pretty much (using a coupon at Bed Beth and Beyond!) Simply purchase one that matches your child's decor, place their stuffed animals inside, and zip it up. Not only will it keep the room organized, it will also keep dust from settling on the stuffed animals as easily. It serves as a convenient way to move stuffed animals from room to room for your child, and even double as a seat!

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