Selling and Staging your house in the winter

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Selling your house in the winter definitely is possible. There may be fewer buyers but the ones truly looking really want (or even need) to buy right now.

This infographic by Veterans United has some valid tips and suggestions. As a professional home stager, I get asked about winter selling all the time.  Yes, warm, cozy and bright is important. Remember it is dark early. Sometimes a buyer wants to see your house after work. Make sure your front porch light is on  and that the rooms have all their lights on.


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Tuesday Tips: The Bigger the Better

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tuesday tips

Size does matter when it comes to art. Do you have a large focal- point- worthy painting in your home?

Tuesday Tips: The Inside Scoop

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tuesday tips

Ever thought about going into interior redesign or home staging? Schedule an appointment and I’ll tell you what it is really like.

Perfect Color Palette For Staging Your Home

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One of the quickest and best ways to update your home and stage it to sell is with paint. Nothing can transform a room as quickly as color, but be sure when you are staging your home to stick to neutrals, so you appeal to the widest range of buyers possible.

But neutral doesn’t have to mean boring! Neutrals include earth tones like warm chocolate, or cooler colors like modern gray. Blues are particularly appealing in a bedroom or bath. And even a pop of red or orange can really make a room shine.

But if choosing a color palette still has you a little baffled, contact me at julie@thehomestylist.com and we can arrange a personal color palette consultation to find the perfect palette for your home!

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We have been steadily growing our twitter following. It has been so much fun meeting new people. Are you following us? Join in - I follow back!

Tuesday Tip: Bathroom paint color

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tuesday tips

Today's Tip:


We loved what our clients have to say!

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4 How can we help you have a great result like this? Give us a call.

Shopping for furniture or accessories? I can help.

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I am grateful to be a part of two large projects last week.

Both client's names were Bonnie.
Isn't that funny?

I had to really keep the emails and the shopping lists straight.

Did you know The Home Stylist offers a shopping service? I can shop with you or for you! A professional eye can make a huge difference and prevent costly mistakes. And it is fun! Give me a call if I can be of assistance.

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Pin of the Week: Fixing an off-center window

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For this Pin of the Week, I want to show you this brilliant solution to the asymmetrical window. Hanging window treatments to hide the true location of the window really works well.
This is an excellent example of how "pretty costs the same as ugly". It costs the same to hang the curtains in the correct location as it does to hang them wrong and make the problem worse.
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