Country Chic: 4 Ways to Decorate with Mason Jars

Country Chic: 4 Ways to Decorate with Mason Jars

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Country chic can’t be done without a Mason jar or two. Any room with a country chic décor has something that has been repurposed or looks like it has been repurposed. This style is filled with colors, patterns and a lot of personal touches that make a room feel cozy. Decorating a room with real country chic intentions can be a little hard because there aren’t a lot of things that can be bought commercially to personalize a room. That is why Mason jars are perfect to decorate with.Mason jars are perfect for anyone that wants to decorate their home with country chic accents and details. These jars can be used in many different ways and with the right tools, they can be customized to do more than one job. The beauty of a room lies in the details and Mason jar décor creates individual personality into any country chic room. Chic Mason Jar DecorationsWhen it comes to Mason jars, they are useful and decorative. With the right touches, these jars can add more to a room than a little pizzazz. Mason Jar Soap DispenserA Mason jar soap dispenser can be used in the bathroom or kitchen. They are easy to make and will last until it’s time to redecorate. Making these soap dispensers requires: Mason jar, liquid soap dispenser, water resistant glue/adhesive and paint.In a few minutes, a reusable and completely customized soap dispenser can be created. Mason Jar Planters (Wall Mounted)There is nothing like fresh herbs or flowers to brighten up a room. With a few minutes, a beautifully decorated planter can be created and hung in any room.To make these planters, all one needs are: piece(s) of wood, screws, Mason jars, duct clamps, small pebbles/rocks, dirt and plants. To give the planters a bit of personalization, the outside of the jars can be painted any color desired and the wood can be stained any color or painted. These planters can be grouped together or individually throughout the room.Mason Jar Picture FramesIn a country chic home, there will never be enough pictures throughout. Mason jar frames are the perfect alternative to traditional picture frames.To make a perfectly cute picture frame from Mason jars, one needs: Mason jar, A BLACK AND WHITE PICTURE REPRINT (never use the original), veggie oil and a dried flower. In a few steps, a pretty little jar is born.Mason Jar Tissue HoldersEvery room needs a bit of tissue. Instead of putting a box of tissue down, a Mason jar can be decorated to match the room perfectly.To make this tissue holder, grab: Mason jar, glass paints and other decorations, box of tissue. With a little decorations and tissue stuffing, every room can have the prettiest tissue holder ever.There are many things that can be done to bring a little country chic pop into a room. These things will add personality and fun while being completely functional.Country chic decorating is all about prints, patterns, colors and repurposed function. If country chic is the style desired but questions come up, go to the homepage for help from Style in a Snap. We are available via email, phone or Skype.The post Country Chic: 4 Ways to Decorate with Mason Jars appeared first on E-Decorating and Staging advice from your photos: Style in a Snap.Vía E-Decorating and Staging advice from your photos: Style in a Snap

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