Decorating Ideas for Your Foyer

Decorating Ideas for Your Foyer

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Smart decorating tips for foyer

Your foyer is one of the first places that provide an excellent first impression to your guest. It is one of the most visited areas in your home when guests arrive. Therefore, it should be inviting and warm. Make sure you have an organized system that keeps the constant and efficient flow of bags, keys and coats. Add floral arrangements for the season as well as decorative accents.

Define the Space

First, you should define the space by adding coats of colorful paint to convey a warm welcome. Add a floor runner to draw your guests into the home. Keep the area void of furniture and be sure that the runner does not spread to the whole stretch of the hallway. The front door should be able to open easily. That means the foyer should have a sense of openness. Immediately engage your guests with an attention-grabbing display on the wall. You could frame unused fragments of wallpaper or collection of ornamental mirrors and hang on the wall for an eclectic and dramatic effect.

A simple mirror

A mirror is a functional touch to the entry way. You can check there is no spinach in your teeth before you open the door. Guest can also do a quick check before they enter your fabulous party.

Fingerprint proof

The entry wall is one of the most frequently traveled pathways in your home. Painting this space a mid-tone neutral that can had fingerprints and hand prints is ideal. A guest (or even you) could accidentally place their hand on the foyer wall if they bend down to take off boots or shoes.  It will also adds warmth to your foyer. This neutral color introduces your grounding neutral that will be used to unite your whole interior.

Small Bench or Ottoman

The entryway into your home is the ideal place to put a wooden bench or small ottoman. It will be a great place to sit for a moment (when you win the Publisher Clearinghouse money!). A bench or ottoman that has storage turns a stylish piece into very functional spot. You can stash gloves, umbrellas, and needed items to be at the ready.

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