Here is a no-fail, easy decorating tip for you.

Let the art be your guide. Look at the art above your sofa. What are those colors? These are your inspiration. Use the colors of the art to pull color down to the sitting area level. You want to transfer color around the room to keep your eye moving. Color from the art can be accentuated with pillows on the sofa or chair. Maybe even place a pretty color throw across the side of the accent chair to pull the color around the room.

The easy decorating tip of coordinating your art and accent pillows make for a cohesive look. And it is easy. And it is affordable.

Give it a try. Show me your examples.

In this example, from one of my clients, she loved the colorful art. It was bold and dynamic (just like her). She echoed those colors with pillows on the sofa. What made it work even better was that the sofa was a solid neutral color. This made the art and the pillows “pop” too. The only small adjustment I would make, to this client’s living room, would be to lower the picture by 4 to 6 inches. It is hung too high but it is an easy fix! I love when a client follows the decorating process and guidelines. It results in a awesome room. The room looks great!

Follow this easy decorating tip in your home.

If you need help pulling a room together, reach out. I can help.