beige chair in corner of guest room

Are you lucky enough to have a guest room or guest suite? Learn tips on decorating a room for guests.

The first tip is that the design of this room is not for you,

The room is for guests. You might like vibrant colors or frilly bedding, but maybe that is not everyone’s cup of tea. By keeping the design for guests simple, neutral, and comfortable, everyone will feel right at home.

The 2nd tip is for the design of the room to give independence to the guests. If possible, give them their own television, chairs to sit in, and, of course, a bed. Maybe they want to watch a favorite TV show or take a nap, or read. Give them the space to do that.

The 3rd tips is use to use the “color driver” systematic approach to decorating (see blog post). In this case start with the multi-color rug. This will drive the color scheme. The gray sofa, the golden paint, the light gray curtains – all come from the rug. (See image). Decorating this cute, little, in-law or guest suite was so much fun. The colors are neutral, so everyone will feel welcome and the style will last a long time.

The 4th tip is to add accessories for nice touches and functionality. An example of designing for a guest would be a dry erase board to give them an itinerary for the weekend. You can also write down the Wi-Fi password. A small, dorm size fridge is nice too, if it fits. Stock it with water bottles and juice. Another nice, functional accessory are reading materials. A variety of novels, non-fiction, and magazines are a nice addition. One of those books could be the history of your town. Give them a basket of toiletries, like at fancy hotel, just in case they forget something.

The 5th tip is good lighting. Are there sufficient nightlights for them to find the bathroom? Is there a bedside lamp so they can read in bed? Is the overhead light good so they can get dressed easily? You don’t want them putting on mismatched socks.

These were 5 quick tips for designing a guest suite. Now, when are you inviting me over? Reach out if I can help you design a room.