This e-design client is from Michigan. She was ready for a new living room. She already had a gorgeous blue sofa but did not know where to go from there. Words she used to describe what she wanted were cozy and sophisticated. She also wanted more neutral colors. This is what I developed for her. She loved it!

It was so easy for her to shop from the list I provided to her. Her exact words “If I had known it was going to be so easy, I would have done it years ago.” She was just stuck and by purchasing an e-design she was unstuck and on her way to a dream room within a week. I can do the same for you.

When you purchase an e-design, you answer a few questions regarding your style and budget. Submit photos of existing furniture if you want. And within a week, you will be delighted to have a plan, a shopping list and a vision of what it will look like when it all comes together.

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