Make a Statement: Wall of Pictures

Make a Statement: Wall of Pictures

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Everyone wants their home to make a statement. Many don’t know what their statement is going to be but others want to make a bold but friendly one. In the past, some have used paint to create their statement. Others have used their décor. One of the most popular things to do is create a statement wall with frames. Creating a wall filled with various frames works for as a statement piece for many reasons.

The statement piece of a home or room often sets the tone for the entire home or it tells the purpose of that room. There are some that use their statement piece as a way to leave a bit of themselves in a room. Pictures have long been used as a way to make a statement and personalize a room. Now people are combining their need to make a statement with their love of pictures to create bold statement walls in different areas of their homes.

The Statement Wall

Pictures have almost always been hung in an order that wasn’t always noticed right away. These pictures seemed innocent and choreographed. Many people used those pictures because they didn’t want to show their most intimate selves and personal pictures of their family and friends in a way that may have been deemed unseemly. It’s a habit that was passed on from the elders. In today’s decorating world, that tradition is coming to a bold end.

The best pictures to use to make a statement are the ones that bring a smile to one’s face. Many people have taken pictures that are spur of the moment but convey a lot of emotion. Those are the pictures that are often used to make a statement. If a set of family photos or official photos have a lot of meaning, people use those too. It really doesn’t matter the photo, it’s the emotion the photos capture that’s important.

The Frames and Arrangements

Once the different pictures have been selected, it’s time to look at the room and think about frames. There are a lot of things that can be repurposed as frames. There are also a great number of frames available to purchase in traditional box stores. Instead of picking a frame based on the way the frame looks, it’s important for decorators to pick a frame that fits the room and the picture. A photo that’s finished in sepia may look good in a black frame or in a thick wooden frame, stained to look antique. The frames will draw the eye to the picture and help create the mood of the home.

With the frames and pictures in mind, decorators should also think of the wall they want to use. The wall selected is very important because it’s going to turn into the focal point of the room. Everyone will wander over to it just to see what has been captured there. It’s important that the wall is visible and able to contain the pictures that are chosen. This can be the hardest part of the project. It takes time to find the right wall but it will happen. Once it happens, the room will take on the life of the pictures that are hung.

Creating a statement wall is something everyone should consider. It’s a wonderful way to set an intimate tone for different rooms or a home. Instead of going at it alone, reach out to the experts at Style in a Snap via email, phone or Skype.

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