Makeover Tips for Your Home

Makeover Tips for Your Home

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get out of a rut - room makeover tips

There are some quick and easy makeover tips to decorating the interior of your home without splurging too much. You can upholster a furniture piece using old curtains. You can put wallpaper on your window shade. It can make a huge difference to the home’s décor. Below are several ways that you can spruce up your home.

Chinese Porcelains

Did you know that you could create a display of several Chinese porcelains and put them on your dining table? In fact, the pieces can all be different variations. This will add a new flavor to that area of the room, making it an excellent conversation piece.


Complement your bedding by adding different blends of sheets. Patterns and batik prints are excellent for the bedroom, giving the room a textile feeling as if you were away on an excursion at sea.

Paint Your Furniture

One of the best makeover tips is painting your furniture. If you cannot afford new furniture, why not paint the ones you have in a white color? What? Yes, it lightens the room, making it airy and spacious. It also makes the house look fresh.


Curtains are ideal for making a room look different. Linen curtains are great, especially if they span the entire room. You can use one end of it to conceal an untidy kitchen by letting its sophistication hide the clutter. However, it will also depend on the style of your kitchen.

Window Shades

Add wallpaper to your window shades. Wallpaper is not only for walls. The wallpaper can be substituted for vinyl shades or blinds that you would normally install at your window. To add personality and classiness, your new window shades would be exactly what you need for a unique and inviting room.

Contemporary Bathroom

If you wanted a contemporary bathroom, what better way to do it than putting an antique piece in the bathroom? It can add a clean and authentic feel to the bathroom with an apparent elegance attached.

Place Furniture Wisely

Don’t place your sofa or any other seating close to the walls. It makes the room look cluttered. Additionally, choose furniture that is lighter in color. If you already have dark furniture, then buy a lighter shade throw and put over the furniture. This will open up the room and make it appear airy. If you have a fireplace, place the sofa around the fireplace.

Hallways and Entryways

Add a runner to the space that visitors will see upon entering your home. It could be a vintage rug or Turkish runner. For a Bohemian look, get a faded rug, which would transform your boring hallway into an ornate space.


Some people use simple things like old window curtains to cover their lounge chairs. Some use ethnic items to populate their windows or walls. Some use family pictures to create an ambience. Whatever you choose to do when fixing up your home, you should make it simple. However, if you want an entire home makeover, it is best to hire an expert interior decorator (me!).


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