image of e design package called One Complete design,

Did you know you can get design help by email? I specialize in edesign, which is interior design with all interactions completed online. The Home Stylist offers several e-decorating packages. No need to take time off work, make an appointment, or put on shoes. It is super simple. Have you ever looked around your room and thought “where do I even begin?” Are you ready to start from scratch?

I offer 4 levels of edesign packages. Think of them as small, medium, large, and extra-large. One is just right for you.  The package called “ONE Complete Design” is the third tier or large package. If you struggle with the whole process and want all the details for a new room, this package is what you need. Your solution to your problem room could not be easier.  You get all recommended furniture pieces, with precise shopping links, and a concept board to show how it all comes together.  Click the buy buttons or take the list to your local favorite store and get a comparable pieces.   Easy Peasy.

Getting started is also easy. You tell me about your room, your style, and send a few photos of the room. You can even fill out the questionnaire while sitting on the sofa in your jammies. . If you can’t answer a question, just send me that part later.  I’ll take this information and develop a professional design plan just for you.

Get unstuck, get professional recommendations in about a week.  You will love your home again in no time.

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