A quick Home Staging tip is to change to a more sophisticated bedding

Home Staging is a vital part of selling your home. Statistics show you can sell faster and for more money with staging. Here is a quick home staging tip to the rescue.

Home Staging Issue

The “before” bedroom is OK but not for this high-end home. Staging does not need to be expensive. In this bedroom example, a simple change of bedding made a huge difference. The new “after” look brought the style up to the high-end price point the homeowners wanted.  It was a $30 dollar purchase from Target –  money well spent! The issue was the design on the bedding was too bold to get a soothing sophisticated look. A quick home staging tips: solid bed covers photograph better than patterns.

Home Staging Result

The house sold in one week. I can help you too. Contact me to arrange a consultation in your Buffalo, NY area home or use one of my e-design packages. Home Staging is my specialty.