Selling Your Home Faster with Home Staging


If you are a homeowner looking to sell your home, you probably know that it can be quite challenging and stressful; let alone emotional. If you want to attract many buyers to your open houses, it is best to either hire a home stager with experience or arrange the home in such a manner as to emit the right emotions from prospective buyers. Home staging has been used by many realtors to get a home off the market faster and you can do that too. It drives more buyers to your home, giving them a picture perfect view of how the home might look if they were to purchase it. A buyer will fall in love with the prospect of living in a well-kept and well-arranged home.

The Effect

You want to produce that “wow effect.” As long as you carefully plan your home staging, you will be successful in getting the right buyer. You have only a small window of opportunity to impress buyers. If your home lacks the right appeal, it can seem undervalued and might linger on the market for too long. However, on the other hand, if you create appeal, so many buyers will fall in love immediately so that you have to turn down some of the offers.

The Potential Buyer

Many homeowners have become aware of home staging, its concept and its effect. Most of them realize the true worth of this idea and to have the edge over other homeowners that have their homes on the market, home staging is a plus. Moreover, it is the most cost effective way to sell a home on the market these days. Bringing potential buyers to a home that is well staged is easier than the opposite. If you watch home design shows on television, you will get an idea of what this means. You must make your home ready to be seen. You don’t want to show a cluttered home to buyers. You also don’t want to have your family portrait plastered all over the walls in your home. That doesn’t give a good picture to the potential buyer of why they would want to live in that home.

Prepare Your Home for Sale

To prepare your home for an open house and staging, you have to first de-clutter your home. Next, you have to de-personalize it by arranging the furniture to create an inviting space that is warm and has pizzazz. A clean, inviting and organized home is more appealing to a potential buyer. If the home is well staged, it will look distinguished and more consequential to the buyer. You will receive top dollar for your home; meaning that there will be less negotiation and a quicker sale. Hire a home staging specialist if you want to sell your house faster!

Not sure what constitutes a staged home? Send me some photographs and I’ll tell you if you have decluttered enough and how to add that special touch to your home.

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