What is e-design?

It is working with an interior decorator with all interactions done online. Implement your customized design plan as your time and budget permit. A detailed shopping list is provided so you can take over from there with confidence

“Think of me as your decorating navigator and you are the driver. I know the way to a beautiful room but you ultimately have control. When you purchase an e-decorating package, you get your own customized design map!”

Why do an e-design?

  • It is a more economical way to get professional help.
  • It is perfect for a busy person who keeps crazy hours. No need to take off work to meet with a designer.
  • It gives you more shopping choices. You can shop directly from the links or go to your local favorite store. You are not tied down to just one store.
  •  It will be fun to celebrate by showing off a beautiful room that YOU did.

What is the process?

  • Choose from 4 different package levels and pay
  • Fill out the form to tell me about yourself, the room, your style and upload  photos
  • In about a week a complete plan, with an inspiration room, concept board and shopping list with links, are emailed back to you.
  • You follow the customized plan and show off your beautiful room!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – What happens after I get my edesign packet?
A – You have fun shopping and transforming your room! I am absolutely available for phone calls and emails.

Q – How long does it take to get my edesign packet?
A- Usually it takes about a week or less. During the major holidays, I spend time with my family so the packets may be a bit delayed.

Q – Do you help with kitchens?
A – At this time I do not do kitchen and bathroom via e-design.

Q – Can you guarantee by new redesigned room?
A – I do my very best to give you a vision of what your new room will look like. Due to things like monitor colors, product availability, price changes, shipping times and DIY skills, I cannot guarantee the final outcome of the design. Be sure to measure the furniture and the room, and check on the return policy before ordering or purchasing from anywhere.

Are you stuck? I can help.

Don’t get lost in everyone’s opinion – you’ll drive yourself crazy. I listen to you. I guide you. You implement as your time and budget permit.