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Home Staging Buffalo : Get professional staging plan.

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staging  If your house has been on the market all summer and you don't have a SOLD sign, you NEED me!A personalized detailed plan will get your house ready to be competitive. Selling a house is a competition. The best house within the appropriate selling point WINS!Call me for an appointment (716) 912-1581.  

Friday Feedback

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Thank you for submitting your beautiful living room.
It will not take much to bring this room from good to great!
My professional recommendations are
1. You need on fabulous large picture above the mantel. Don't be afraid to chose a picture that has color. A vintage block print would even work here. The pottery on the mantle looks great. It can stay when the new picture gets there.
2. The rug you have in here is the correct style it is just too small. You will need a rug that is at least 10 X 12.  It will make the room feel more cozy too.
3. I like where your TV is located but the bottom shelf where the stereo (?) is would look crisper if it had door that could close. I know that second shelf (cable box/DVD?) most likely need to remain open for it to work.
Hello Readers,
How can I help you? I would love for you to submit a room for Feedback Fridays. Simply snap a few pictures of the room and send them in. It is easy. Don't worry I would disclose your name or city.