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Home Staging Buffalo – Before and After: Living Room Transformation

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pic 6 Home staging Buffalo and decorating services for the Buffalo, NY area focusing on staging advice and interior decorating consultations.This bland living room went from drab to FAB! How can I help you transform your home? Specializing in Do-it-yourself plans for interior decorating and home staging. The MOST cost-effective way to get professional assistance. Call as at (716) 912-1581 today for an appointment.

Before and After: Teen bedroom- Home staging

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pic 5  I know you may think it is common sense to have a teen keep their bedroom clean and tidy while the house is on the market but you just would not believe the bedrooms I have seen!ALL bedrooms matter when the house it on the market. People can't see beyond all the mess to appreciate the size of the room.Please have your teen take off all the posters and stickers, put away their clothes, and make their bed.I encourage all my home staging clients to strive for secondary bedrooms to be  age neutral and gender neutral. 

Friday Feedback

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Thank you for submitting your beautiful living room.
It will not take much to bring this room from good to great!
My professional recommendations are
1. You need on fabulous large picture above the mantel. Don't be afraid to chose a picture that has color. A vintage block print would even work here. The pottery on the mantle looks great. It can stay when the new picture gets there.
2. The rug you have in here is the correct style it is just too small. You will need a rug that is at least 10 X 12.  It will make the room feel more cozy too.
3. I like where your TV is located but the bottom shelf where the stereo (?) is would look crisper if it had door that could close. I know that second shelf (cable box/DVD?) most likely need to remain open for it to work.
Hello Readers,
How can I help you? I would love for you to submit a room for Feedback Fridays. Simply snap a few pictures of the room and send them in. It is easy. Don't worry I would disclose your name or city.

My best Go-to Paint Colors for Home Staging

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pinterest-8-9 If I had to pick only nine Benjamin Moore paint colors to ever use in staging a house, these would be my nine. The first six are sophisticated neutrals that work best in bathrooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms. They all look good with cloud white trim.Powell Buff                         HC 35Monroe Bisque                 HC 26Shaker Beige                      HC 45Bleaker Beige                    HC 80Manchester Tan               HC 81Revere Pewter                 HC 172Chantilly Lace                     OC 65Cloud White                       967Navajo White                    OC 95White Trim Colors make up my remaining color choices. Chantilly Lace, a true white, goes best with Bleaker Beige, Manchester Tan, and Revere Pewter. Cloud White, a color in-between white and ivory, looks good with the sophisticated neutrals I mentioned and is used 85% of the time. Navajo White, a creamy/ivory white, goes best with Powell Buff, Monroe Bisque, and Shaker Beige.