Undecking the Halls In Style: Post-Holiday Organization Tips

Undecking the Halls In Style: Post-Holiday Organization Tips

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Holiday Decoration Organization

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As much as I love decorating for the holidays, I also look forward to taking the decorations down, organizing, and doing a general post-holiday house cleansing. Here are some of my Post-Holiday Organization Tips for easy and efficient storage!

  • Buy bins with cardboard partitions. Use pieces of cardboard to wrap beads and ribbons around, so that they don't become tangled and knotted in storage.
  • Buy bins that come with plastic spools to coil your lights around (or try to find the spools alone, if you already have bins. I highly recommend investing in plastic storage bins, even if you only want to buy one a year, until you have enough. Cardboard boxes will not protect priceless ornaments if your basement floods).
  • Color code your bins by holiday, or use clear bins so that you can easily find what you are looking for.
  • Organize each bin with a specific type of item: ornaments, wrapping supplies, breakables, greenery, fabric items (tree skirt, stockings, cloth wreaths), and lights. Label, label, label!
  • Store your tree in a large plastic bin (you can probably score one at a reasonable price after Christmas). Place the pieces in the bin, in the order in which you will take them out of the bin and assemble the tree. This will save you from having to dump it all out and organize it by section before assembling, next year.
  • As you are taking decorations down and preparing to store them, sort them as well. Toss anything that is broken, and donate anything you no longer want. Next year, it will be refreshing to open tidy, and up-to-date bins of decorations!

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