Wall Decoration: Several Ways You Can Add Life to Your Walls


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The wall in your home is the biggest surface in any room. It is like a huge canvas ready to be explored for wall decoration. Walls provide homeowners with a creative freedom to utilize the space as best as possible. You can make the walls low keyed, blending into the background or you can use colors and patterns to decorate it, designing it in such a way that it highlights your personality and stands out.

A Blank Canvas

Walls are not entirely blank canvases that you can do just anything with. They are the architectural infrastructure of your home for wall decoration. Therefore, you have to be careful what you do to your walls because they can influence and impact the entire home décor. The traditional style home will usually have few doors and windows. In this kind of space, walls are huge, giving you enough room to be as creative as you want with artwork and ornamental accessories like a vintage mirror or family pictures. The modern homes will generally have fewer walls, but more doorways and windows than the traditional style. This doesn’t mean that you can’t design any space, modern or traditional. If you have a modern home and choose to go contradictory to its architecture, then you should ensure that you select patterns, colors and textures to harmonize the space.

Sense of Harmony

Walls are important in the home because of its ability to form a sense of harmony all the way through the space. You can achieve this by using the same patterns and colors on the wall in each room for uniformity. If you have the courage, you can use different colors in each room or even different colors in the same room. You have to be cautious, however, to refrain from creating an setting that spells complete chaos. Everything must be brought together by a single element that is consistent throughout. For example, use one color on the baseboards and molding and a different color on the walls.

Materials you would use for wall decoration are:

  • Paint
  • Wallpaper
  • Tile
  • Fabrics
  • Wood

Synchronizing Your Walls

You also need to understand the relationship between your walls, the floors and your ceilings. The colors have to be symphonic-ally blended into each other. The darker colors should be on the floors and become lighter as they reach up to the ceiling. The room will be more grounded, creating an impression of a higher ceiling and additional space. If the room is large, you can do the reverse to create a cozier room. Good luck with decorating your walls! Wall decoration is one of the easiest ways to change the look of your home.

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